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Hockey Club Nokia (HC Nokia) is a special ice hockey club in Nokia and it was established in April 2007. The 12 teams of the club, from U8 to U18 juniors, and women team have altogether about +400 players. The club aims at promoting the interest of children and young people in ice hockey and at maintaining ice hockey competition activities of young people in Nokia. We want to make it possible for all children and young people to go in for sports at their own skills level and offer unforgettable moments with ice hockey as long as possible.

A lot of good work has been done in HC Nokia during the fifteen years of operation. We have organised the administration, training and teams to operate effectively. We want HC Nokia to help especially our growing juniors.

Our activity is socially acceptable. For our promises of good-quality, fair and educational training and work in the club we were awarded the seal of the Young Finland Association.

Star club settificate promises, which HC Nokia holds to:

  • The club has a written line of action about the operating principles and modes of operation of the club.
  • The club takes care of all participating children and young people.
  • The operation of the club is pedagogical and versatile.
  • The instructors have had training in instructing children and young people.
  • The club sees to instructors’ continuing and further training.
  • The club has a person responsible for the organization of youth operation.

HC Nokia club activities were quality audited with the IHP (Ice Hockey Pass) measure of the Finnish Ice Hockey Association in spring 2008 by theIce Hockey Association. This qualitative assessmentis also an important part of the quality work promised by our club; what has been achieved and accomplished, whether the results achieved meet the expectations. We want to meet the expectations of our players, members, actors and the Finnish Ice Hockey Association.

To achieve its targets and objectives, the club tries to create the best possible conditions and atmosphere where playing is fun and challenging and where development and learning take place. HC Nokia follows the recommendations of the Finnish Ice Hockey Association concerning different age groups in learning objectives and arranging training. The club aims at offering all the participants guided group activities, considering skills and abilities of each player.

There is a lot to do in HC Nokia in the future. A clear vision is to strengthen the position as the no. one ice hockey club of the region. It is important to stabilize and strengthen the finances and activities. Quality can’t be sacrificed. Good care must be taken of people coping and encouraging and rewarding them.

Only for the Hockey!